Friday, March 06, 2015

Real Unicorns

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What Obi-Wan's Ghost Should Have Done

It’s hard enough to understand why Obi-Wan Kenobi just gave up the ghost, so to speak, and just let Darth Vader kill him off. Sure, he was able to return and give advice to Luke, but he could have taken better advantage of the situation even after death. The folks from Dorkly show us what might have been. What should have been!

Stealing Meat from Lions

This guy is 65 years old. He’s been attacked by lions before. Yet he still has the balls to approach a feeding pride and steal a piece of their kill. Venison for dinner tonight! (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

The First Person to Use the Temporary Insanity Defense.

Eric Holder: 'Protesters were right' about Ferguson police abuse.

20 Troll Parents. (via reddit)

Zachary Quinto remembers Leonard Nimoy: He was “more of a father figure to me than anyone else.” (via Gamma Squad)

What we know as rock ’n’ roll was not born, not was it invented, in any particular place or time. It evolved out of different music genres that were played by all kinds of people, most who never recorded their music. 

The Toxicity Of Talent (Or: Did You Roll A Natural 20 At Birth?) (via Digg)

Ringling Brothers is giving in to animal lovers and will retire their elephant acts. Their last elephants will retire to a Florida sanctuary in 2018.

There’s a new world record for knocking over books domino-style. United Biscuits employees set up and toppled 5,500 books, and you can watch them fall.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Aquaman movie. With three years until release, we’ll probably learn quite a bit more.

17 of the Funniest Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids. Sometimes for a very good reason; other times, just for laughs.

Dog Joke

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HOA Learns a PR Lesson

The Make-A-Wish Foundation wants to fulfill a wish for 6-year-old Ella Schultz. Ella more than anything wants to beat cancer. Besides that, she wants her own playhouse in her backyard. The foundation lined up a construction crew to build it. The neighbors were all for it. But the family’s Home Owners Association said no. "The proposed plan they've given us is a violation of our covenants."

When the story hit the local news, backlash was immediate. Neighbors decorated their mailboxes in green to show their support for Ella. People took to Twitter and other social media sites to spread the word. At least one person has offered to pay any fines incurred if the playhouse is built. The HOA removed its board members names and email addresses from its website. Wednesday night, the HOA board issued a statement.
The board has met for the better half of the day and at this time we would like to release the following statement.

Our hearts are with Ella Schultz and her family as they battle this terrible illness. Our homeowners' association board is committed to working with Make-A-Wish Foundation and J.E. Dunn to see if we can figure out a way to make Ella's wish come true. The initial request from Make-A-Wish to place a barn-style shed was not accepted because the board did not have enough information to grant an exception to the subdivision's covenants. In hopes of getting enough information, we are requesting an immediate meeting with Make-A-Wish and J.E. Dunn Construction to work out a solution in the most expeditious manner possible.
Meanwhile, Ella was taken to a hospital hospital with a fever and infection. Read the rest of the story at KCTV 5. (via Uproxx)

Thursday, March 05, 2015


The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep And Never Had To

This is proof-of-concept short by Dan Eckman for a possible feature film adaptation of the 2010 book The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep And Never Had To by DC Pierson. It’s about “the typical high school experience: the homework, the awkwardness, and the mutant creatures from another galaxy.” Do you think it could be a good movie? (via Digg)

9 More Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters

A couple of days ago we posted 7 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters, which sparked a lot of interest. There are so many people who would like to put their favorite hobby to use helping others! Now we have nine more good causes that are recruiting yarn crafters, suggested by our readers, in a list I posted at mental_floss.

No Intersect

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Drunk Squirrel in the Snow

This squirrel has been eating too many fermented crabapples, according to uploader Sphios. Try to watch this without laughing -I dare you! (via Neatorama)

Cat and Tortoise

It’s a game of cat and mouse, er, cat and tortoise. No, it’s more like tag. You’re it! Too bad the turtle is always the one tagged. He’s trying his best, though. He’s pretty fast for his species, but the cat, of course, has the upper hand. Or Paw. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

Comment Cards for Life. A way to get (or give) feedback for everyday situations.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Beauty and the Beast.

11 Most Useless And Misleading Infographics On The Internet. (via mental_floss)

Are You Man Enough for the Men's Rights Movement? (via Metafilter)

Your Relationship With Your Mom In Your Teens Vs. In Your Twenties. I am looking forward to my daughters being in their twenties.

Blank Page. George R.R. Martin sings about all the ways he can kill off your favorite characters to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”

Adam Levine Handled a Fan’s Panic Attack in the Sweetest Way Possible. Maroon 5’s biggest young fan got the royal treatment.

Romance Novel Covers Reenacted by Real People. They look almost as silly as the originals. (via Neatorama)

31 Epically Adorable Pictures From The Norwegian Forest Cat Show. They are not all Norwegian Forest Cats, but they are all strikingly beautiful.

7 Reasons Frogs are Funny. Go ahead and laugh; you’re entitled.

Predicting the Future

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Give Her An Egg!

When I was 16 months old, I got the jelly jar out of the refrigerator and sat on the floor and ate it with my hands. That’s the extent of my food preparation experience as a toddler. Tony Quarella and his wife included their 16-month-old daughter in their family cookie-making project. Well, they gave her the hat. Then that gave her an egg. What do you suppose happens when you give a toddler an egg? You might be surprised! (via reddit)