Monday, September 01, 2014

Calling the Peacocks

A bird keeper calls his flock of flying peacocks home from the hills with a whistle. This is in Guilin, China. The tourists love it! (via Arbroath)

Miss Cellania's Links

Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. The story behind the masterpiece.

Do Farts Carry Germs?

A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Got Married To The Nurse He Met At The Hospital.

How The 'Kung Fu Fighting' Melody Came To Represent Asia. Many more examples at Metafilter.

The 6 Most Hilariously Misleading Movie Trailers.

The Biggest Tax Scam Ever. Profitable corporations renounce their citizenship and slash their tax bills -and Congress is fine with this.

IKEA Instructions for Horror Movie Characters.

Why Aren't Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person. (via Metafilter)

This sums up every episode of Pawn Stars.

Ursa Eyer’s comic Cat Call tells what it’s like as females grow up under the public scrutiny of men. (via Buzzfeed)

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Dog Puppet Pranks Real Dogs

Just For Laughs planted a dog puppet in a park. Real dogs may have never noticed it, if he didn’t have a nice, meaty bone! But the bone attracts the dogs, and the puppet defends his treasure. These poor confused dogs don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore! (via Viral Viral Videos)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wedding Gown

Your Brain on Coffee

Coffee is important to my life. Let’s find out how it works its magic, courtesy of AsapSCIENCE. (via Neatorama)


(via reddit)

Swans Feed Fish

Two black swans generously share their trough of swan chow with their friends, the koi, at Swan Lake Resort in Kending, Taiwan. Not only does this save the caretakers time in feeding the fish, but you know the tourists love it! (via Neatorama)

Comic Groaner

Cat vs. Deer - The Translation

The deer are apprehensive, then curious, then arrogant. And they don’t mind to tell you so! (via Tastefully Offensive)


(via Fark)

Jorge and the Running of the Sheep

Jorge lives in Australia, and has always dreamed of running with the bulls in Pamplona. But that’s in Spain, far, far away. Then he hears about an event called the Running of the Sheep at a local festival in the Australian town of Boorowa. Excited, he goes to Boorowa and finds out that it’s not quite the same. This short film by Sam Matthews is just delightful. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Linda Larade

Hammerhead Shark is Too Close for Comfort

When you’re shooting video from up on the penthouse of a beachfront hotel, you can see what’s in the shallow water a lot better than the people who are in the water can see. These guys could see a hammerhead shark chasing a stingray, while the guys in the water couldn’t. They couldn’t hear the shouting from the hotel for a while, either. This happened in Destin, Florida. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)


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55-foot Human Water Catapult

Oh, this will be exciting -the strange phenomena known as the water blob gets the Devin Supertramp POV treatment! But that’s not all that’s going on: there’s also wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, and that odd water jetpack thing. Makes you wish that summer vacation could last forever, doesn’t it? If you’d like more, there’s a behind-the-scenes video, too. (via Viral Viral Videos)