Friday, November 28, 2014


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Caught Red-handed

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Holy Smoke!

Go Away

Dancing Firemen

The Achao, Chile, volunteer fire department is always ready to respond to an emergency. But they also dance! In full gear! If you’re in a hurry, you can skip ahead. The dancing starts at about 1:45. The song is "Soy Tu Nene Malo" by Nene Malo. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Miss Cellania's Links

Strange Case Histories. What’s really strange is the guy who wrote this.

The Collegiate Raccoon Coat.

Your Relationship With Your Mom In Your Teens Vs. Your Twenties.

The 25 Biggest Box Office Bombs Of All Time. 

America’s Oldest Political Insult.

The Illogical Fighting Style of James T. Kirk.  

Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers.

27 Things You Might Not Know About Home Alone.

On Being a Black Male, Six Feet Four Inches Tall, in America in 2014.


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Jimmy Fallon’s Holiday Song Parodies 2014

Jimmy Fallon continued his annual tradition of making the year’s biggest polo songs into holiday song parodies last night on The Tonight Show. Fallon and Rashida Jones put holiday cheer into “All About That Bass,” “Stay With Me,” “Turn Down For What,” “Wiggle,” “Anaconda,” “Bang Bang,” “Let It Go,” and “Fireball.” The modified lyrics are at the YouTube page. (via Warming Glow)

Mary, Did You Know?

Pentatonix, the awesome a cappella group, gives this song the mystery and sadness that it really needs. It’s from their album That’s Christmas to Me.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Carcass

Turkey Trot

This turkey running on a treadmill is not the kind you’re liable to eat. He doesn’t have much breast meat, after all -and it would be hard to catch him! He’s actually a lucky turkey, living the good life at Brown University as a subject in Dr. Thomas Roberts’ studies of animal motion. Read more about the science behind a turkey on a treadmill at Digg.

Black Friday in the USA

As imagined by a Brit. (via reddit)

President Bartlet on the Butterball Hotline

A classic Thanksgiving scene from The West Wing.

Dressing the Turkey

See more Thanksgiving cheesecake pictures at Buzzfeed. Not the kind of cheesecake you serve for dessert.

Oh, the Humanity!

It’s a Thanksgiving tradition. The funniest episode of WKRP in Cincinnati ever.