Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Spider and Fly

Business Hours

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Are You Asian Enough?

The mixed-race council will decide if you are Asian enough to do “Asian things.” Be sure to stay for the punch line. From College Humor. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Rolling of Domestic Cats. Serious scientific research into the phenomenon -and cute pictures. 

The Myth of the Good Guy With the Gun.

If you don’t mind the profanity, this parrot is hilarious.

3 Terrifying Doctors Who Practiced Medicine for Years.

10 Weird Facts About the Circus. The history behind the big top contains fascinating stuff you never knew.

 The Best Horror Movies of the 21st Century (So Far). Try one you haven’t yet seen this month.

This Montreal Dude Created Campaign Signs Just For The Hell Of It. Tyler Lemco isn’t running for anything, but he’s become quite well known anyway.

In The Name Of Science, Here's Why You Should Spend More Time Cuddling Cats. It’s not only a stress-buster, it’s good for the cat, too.

A&E will air a special this month in which people are buried alive. The premise is to help them confront their fear, but we know it’s mainly lurid entertainment.

The Steamy History of the Jacuzzi. Giovanni Jacuzzi’s seven sons and five daughters were a creative bunch.

Sorted and Filed

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Walking Dead Season Five Recap by the Fine Brothers

The musical version was fun, but the Fine Brothers tell us everything that happened in season five of The Walking Dead, and it’s a lot of stuff. All that happened in one season? It felt like two, since they split them into blocks of eight episodes, with a long break in between. Just listening to these guiys tell the entire story in one take exhausted me. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

We Does!

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap -in Musical Form

This is about as silly as it gets, and that’s what the internet is made for. Mandatory wrote up what happened in season five of The Walking Dead, made it rhyme, and set it to the music of the opening them from Cheers. Yes, they did.

Besides being a ridiculous way to present the information, it may remind Walking Dead fans of all that went on leading up to the premiere episode of season six of The Walking Dead, which is this Sunday night.

One of These Things is Not LIke the Others

Party Cannon knows what they are doing. (via reddit)

Jaws 19

If you recall, Marty McFly zooms forward in time to October 21, 2015 in the movie Back to the Future Part II. One of the surprising things he sees is a marquee with Jaws 19 on it! Well, the time has come for that movie to appear. At least in a parody trailer, from Universal Pictures. We don’t have flying cars or hover boards or even self-lacing shoes, but we do have Jaws 19 and Pepsi Perfect. (via Neatorama)


Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump

This scenario, your drunk neighbor saying these things, is more believable than what we’ve really got -Donald Trump saying these things while running for president. (via Metafilter)

All-purpose Sign

Miss Cellania's Links

Celebration, Florida. Walt Disney’s planned community isn’t exactly what he envisioned.

How Movie Titles Get Lost in Translation. Atlas Obscura explains the painstaking process of properly translating a film, which involves timing, cultural knowledge, and judgement calls.

The worst retail Photoshop disasters of all time. Catalog editors must be under a brutal schedule with no time for quality control.

How I talk to white people about racism.

Tommy Chong talks about Cheech Marin, Donald Trump, and super powers. And more interesting topics in a relatively short interview. 

You Probably Don't Need to Treat a Fever. It’s just your body trying to stop protect itself.

Malia Obama's English Teacher Wrote Her A College Recommendation Letter. A refreshingly honest letter of recommendation.

Why the American death penalty system is broken. Even if you’re okay with the ultimate punishment, there are way too many mistakes being made. 

15 Found Facts About Lost in Translation.    

Morning Routine

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Why The TSA Doesn't Stop Terrorist Attacks

I hear College Humor’s video series Adam Ruins Everything is now a TV show. Here Adam Conover explains how ineffective the TSA is. In case you’ve forgotten, all the stripping and scanning and screening we do at airports these days is because of 9/11. Before that, you zipped through a metal detector and ran your carry-on bag through an x-ray machine. Oh, and most of our bags went in cargo because they didn’t charge extra for them back then.

But back to the TSA. The extra security routines we go through in an airport are pretty much security theater, not to make us feel safer, but to remind us that we are in constant danger of terrorist attacks, and therefore justifying all that spending. (via Digg)

Monday, October 05, 2015

Ponk Dishes

I'll take that one with mushnoms. (via Bad Menu)

The Force Awakens Gets the Disney Treatment

Star Wars: where dreams come true. Now that Disney owns Star Wars, is it really so far-fetched to imagine them sliding in some of their more popular tropes into the seventh episode of the movie series?

Some of it doesn’t take much of a stretch, like Musafa as Darth Vader. But Peter Pan with a light saber? Pinocchio as a hologram? You may have to watch twice to catch all the weirdness in this mashup from PistolShrimps. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Pumpkin Spice Salmon

This picture of pumpkin spice salmon was posted as an example of the trend taken too far. Then in the discussion at reddit, salmon lovers said this sounds pretty good, if you don’t put any sugar in the spices. Then there are those who say a sugar rub on salmon is actually delicious. I’m not much of a fish eater, especially at $12.99 a pound, so what do I know? What do you think?

The Vampire Way